Volunteer Leadership

General Chairwoman - Tami Schroeder

Hospitality Services - Jennifer Glass

Caddie Services - Bill Sumers, Dale Sumers

Player Services - Andreas Kramer, Celina Sanchez

Special Events - Dana Delorenzo

Corporate Hospitality - Cindy Barthel, Emily Basque

Honorary Observers - Danny Gillespie

Admin/Office Support - Leslie Brown

Player/VIP Transportation - Nick Bunkua and Benjie Hernandez

Volunteer HQ/Unform Distribution - Ted Freemon, Winston Woo, Bridget Navoda

Scoring Services - Susie Morgan

Competition Support: Shotlink Location Based Operators - Dennis Wright, Roger Wright

Competition Support: Spotters - Beth Markin and Cindy Payne

Competition Support: Walking Scorers - Diane Knippa and Peter Huff

Leaderboard - Steve Hayman and Tom Fields

Standard Bearers – Jennifer MacCurrach, Jonah Hutchins, Nancy Walling

On Course Services - Leo Welsh

Gallery Management Front Nine Captains - Dave Ward

Gallery Management Back Nine Captains - Bob Bright

Player Evacuation - Christopher Ansted-Boyland and Robbie Wright

On Course Shuttles - Normal Powell and Travis Waddell

Player Shuttles - Kevin Sullivan

Event Services - Thomas McNabb

Admissions/Ambassadors - Sharon Mooney and Mae Witcher

Golf Carts - Natalie O'Flaherty, Paul Kokoszyna

Media Center - Barb Kowal, Bill Lace, Angela Davis

Will Call - Julie Shannon, Kayleigh Bucci

Supply Distribution - Chuck Reynolds and Trent Norris

Volunteer Services - Derrick Elstob